General conditions

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1. General
By using this web site, use the user explicitly agrees with the current terms of use and general rules. Belgite, with office in 9506 Grammont, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under No 0508,914,953 reserves the right to modify the terms of use, as well as the general rules that prevail on this website.


2. Qualifications

You can join Belgite if you rent a holiday house or B & B. Authentic and small are typical features for stays listed on the Belgite marketplace. Belgite is at all times entitled to refuse registration.


3. Advertising

The cost of a package will be invoiced annually. Belgite will not refund any advertising cost when you want to stop before the end of the advertising period.

At the end of the advertisement period Belgite sends a proposal to extend the ad. The landlord may cancel without any cost, at any time on condition that he has notified Belgite by mail (no notice period).


4. Presentation of your stay

Responsibility for the stay is at the landlord himself. The presentation on this site should reflect reality.

Announcements and publications are published under the responsibility of only the landlord, which is supposed to act as author and is sole liability for any recorded offenses, complaints or legal actions in response to a publication or an advertisement. Belgite disclaims any liability for errors due to unclear, incomplete, poorly drafted or instructions communicated by telephone, as well as any translations.

The landlord who places an ad, uses only content (images, photos, ...) that do not infringe the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights (copyright, image rights, ...), nor the moral. He indemnifies Belgite against any possible action by third parties on the ad included.

In the case Belgite has evidence to believe that a presentation by negligence is no longer valid, it reserves the right to change the presentation

The landlord can at all times  log in with a unique username and password on the website.


5. Cookies

Our website uses cookies. These are temporary files on your computer in which information is saved for use on our site, such as your login credentials, your search criteria and favorites. If you have disabled cookies in your browser, you can not use these features on our site.


6. Your personal information

By making a reservatio/information request at a landlord and by subscribing to our newsletter you will automatically be added to our mailing list. We use your information to keep posted on our products and services. Under the Data Protection Act we will in no case give your personal data to third parties.


7. Complaints
Complaints must be made by letter addressed to the office of Belgite, Nuchten 94, 9506 Grammont. It is clearly agreed that no complaint will be accepted when it concerns only a small typographical error, that does not affect the impact of the ad. Moreover, it is clearly stated, that starting from the appearance of the advertisement any complaint within eight days must be submitted under penalty of inadmissibility. The written complaintletter should mention the nature and cause of the complain. A reasonable and substantiated complaint may only entail the obligation of compensation consisting of a new publication or a price discount. The financial liability of Belgite may in no case exceed the amount paid for the disputed advertisement.


8. Liability
Belgite has, at all timesn the right to deny a landlord, without prior warning, access to the site temporarily or permanently. Belgite is not liable for defects in the rented accommodation or for damage caused by staying in a rented accommodation.


 9. Rules relating to disputes

The current terms of use are regulated and certified in accordance with Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, only the courts having jurisdiction in the Belgite office adress are valid.